10 Steps To Replace Your Kegs

Drinking from best kegerators also means that you need to be used to the changing procedure of a keg. It’s quite a simple procedure but you still need to carry it out carefully and systematically in order to ensure the good quality and flavor of your drink.


There are 10 steps to be done:

1.Make sure that the old keg is empty.

Place an empty glass under the faucet and fully open so what’s left will be poured out. Every drop counts you know.

2. Open the tank and search for the CO2
The CO2 hose will be connecting the CO2 gauge and your barrel. Its function is to pressure the keg and keep it carbonated. Turn the lock and twist to disconnect the hose from your keg. Make sure to turn the CO2 gauge off before doing anything.

3. Detach the coupler from the keg.
You might sometimes need a wrench if it is over tightened. Remember to rotate it counter-clock wise otherwise you will make it tighter. After that, take your keg of beer out and leave it somewhere outside so that the smell and drops of beer won’t stain your floor.

4. It is essential to clean your kegerator before installing a new keg.

This is the crucial part to maintain the quality of your drink. You can buy a cleaning kit or basically use a faucet to water the inner part of the kegerator’s faucet and beer hoses. By doing so, it will be free of germs and dust and the old flavor. No one wants to drink from a rusty kegerator will the taste of old drinks lingering around. This step is vital to keep your drinks fresh and original.

5. Put the new keg inside of the kegerator’s belly. Your keg should fit the kegerator and should not be too heavy especially if you use conversed your refrigerator into a kegerator.

6. Remove the plastic cap off the new keg.
It is also important to check out of the cap is tightly sealed. You don’t want to drink from an already opened keg. Not to mention the germs will invade the hose.

7. Connect the keg with the beer coupler and make sure that it is well tighten with a wrench. Don’t over tighten it as it may make it hard for you if you want to detach the keg.

8. Connect the CO2 hose to the keg.

9.Turn the CO2 gauge on

10.Open your faucet for a glass of beer. Pour that glass of beer away because it contains excess foam built from a freshly tapped keg.

Now, you should check if there is any leak or product defect. If everything works well, lock the tank, wait till your beer is chilled and enjoy it.

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