Cleaning Your Kegerator With A Kegerator Cleaning Kit

Cleaning your kegerator is extremely important to keep the freshness and quality of your drinks. However, it takes a lot of time to clean your kegerator because you have to do a lot of work detaching the parts and resembling them. You may even damage or lose the small parts during the cleaning process. There are also chances that you mess everything up if you are not good with the technical work.

beer line cleaning

For that reason, kegerator kits are designed to help you to clean your kegerator without dissembling the parts. One kit is often included when you buy your kegerator. If you don’t have one, you can order online or simply buy them from the store. A kit would cost you maximum $30. A kegerator cleaning kit should include: A shatter-proof bottle, a nylon faucet brush, a check ball lifter, a faucet wrench.


Normally, clear instructions with pictures will be included when you buy a cleaning kit. However in case you need to figure out what you need to do, here are the steps in general:

  1. Make sure that the beer keg is empty (you can turn the tap open so there is nothing left).
  2. Unplug your kegerator and disconnect the beer keg from the coupler and take it out.
  3. The cleaning process should be carried out inside-out so use the brush with the assist of beer line cleaning compound from the bottle to clean the inside of the faucet, hoses to make sure that all the bacteria, yeast and old beer fade away. Stained and sticky beer hose can encourage the development of bacteria and germs, thus making your beer to spoil faster. Plus, no one wants their drink to be mixed up with the flavor of the previous keg.
  4. The check ball lifter can be inserted to the couplers so that you can lift the check ball. This will allow the cleaning compound to flow through the hoses as well as the couplers. Some of the kit will provide you with a new hose in case you have lost your hose or if your original hose breaks.
  5. After all the inner parts is cleaned, use some microfiber cloths with the assist of cleaning agent to clean the surface, faucet and the tank of your kegerator. Detach the air filter from your kegerator and put it in a bucket of water to clean it. The surface and air filter should share a same cleaning method even when you have a cleaning kit.


The cleaning kit can speed up your cleaning process for allowing you to clean the inner parts of your kegerator efficiently. However, other parts also need to be cleaned. You should clean your kegerator once every time you replace the keg so that you have a new keg with a recently cleaned kegerator.

Even the best kegerator can’t serve you with quality drinks unless it is cleaned often.Treat your kegerator well and it will treat you back will the cold fresh taste of your favorite drink.

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