Clear Advice For Your Car Electronic System

If there’s a large potential consumer base that auto parts stores that sell electronics have to reach, even larger than potential car sound buyers, it’s electronic security system buyers. Right now, less than a third of households surveyed by some expert said they had any type of electronic security system.

Some Evident for Your Car Security

For the most part, the reason seems to be a matter of cost effectiveness drivers feel that their cars aren’t worth the cost of electronic security.

  • Of those who did, however, just over a quarter (26%) said that they bought an aftermarket electronic security system after they had left the dealer is a lot.
  • Most, 39% had the system come standard with a new car, while 19% bought it as an option with a new car? Some 9% found it on a used car they bought.
  • Too, among those with electronic security systems, the most popular models have remote arming and disarming at 82%.
  • As well, 72% said their systems included remote door unlocking. Those alarm options such as sound, that so often ring throughout parking lots unnoticed when set off by a bumper tap, were found in 46% of the systems owned.
  • Motion sensors were incorporated into 29%, while 12% had remote car starter working, and a tenth used a tracking system.

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The Same for Most Current Car Owners

The majority of automobile owners express little interest in purchasing improved sound systems or security systems for their cars, according to a survey. Only 31% of respondents added new equipment, which leaves room for marketing by the consumer electronics industry. About 55% of owners who purchased new sound systems installed them personally, or with the help of friends.

One reason by far the most important one that the percentage of aftermarket car sound equipment buyers is so low, is that car makers have done an increasingly good job in providing equipment that meets drivers’ needs. Quite possibly because they were confident enough to do their own electronic installation work, only a quarter of those who bought car sound equipment bothered to buy any type of service or maintenance contract along with the audio equipment. Moreover, 55% said they wouldn’t be interested in such a contract even if they knew it was available.

Clearly, at least in the major mobile electronic system areas such as car sound and security equipment, the aftermarket has a large potential customer base it’s not tanning. Some stores that sell electronic systems need to spread the word more to let customers know that they are the source for their electronic needs.

How about You?

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