Cool Kegerator Tap Handles That You Need To Know

So, you have purchased the best kegerator for your home bar. After choosing a perfect place to show it off and installing it carefully following all those steps on the instruction manual, you feel like there’s something still missing. And you are right. If you have a home bar equipped with kegerator but still do not have a beer tap handle, you can’t fully enjoy your kegerator experience. There are a variety of tap handles of different materials, shapes and sizes in the market that you can choose from to display your favorite brand, sport, or any other aspect of your personality! Are you confused of what kind of tap handle to get? Don’t worry. Check out top 2 of best kegerator tap handles listed below to purchase a perfect one for you!

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  1. Chalkboard Beer Tap Handle

The Chalkboard Beer Tap Handle has a chalkboard surface and is made out of fine Walnut. It allows you to write on the surface of the tap. Especially, this kind of tap handle can help you save your money and time as the same tap handle can be used for every keg. What is more better than a tap handle fuctioning chalkboard? With an erasable surface, your tap handle is always accurate and up-to-date. You can simply identify and promote the beer on tap or have some fun with beautiful decoration or custom messages and drawings! The Chalkboard Beer Tap Handle is compatible with all US lever faucet threads. It is ideal for home brewers to keep track of the type of beer they have changed in the kegerator. All you need is a piece of chalk or some chalk markers to start customizing it with notes or even drawings!

  1. Heavy Weight Chrome Beer Faucet Tap Handle

Made of brass and chrome plated for an irresistible shine, it’s the perfect universal handle for your home draft system. Versatile tap like this one is always relevant, no matter what you’re serving. Moreoever, they’re conveniently designed to fit any standard north american faucet lever threads. The Heavy Weight Chrome Beer Faucet Tap Handle is a smart pick for home draft systems as it is not always possible to keep changing your taps with every beer. You may be impressed with its classy design and sleek surface. This tap handle is perfect for every occasion.

The best kegerator always needs the best tap handle. It helps the beer pour out from the kegerator exactly. Thus, what are you waiting for? Considering carefully and choosing a great one for your happy drinking hours!

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