The Disadvantages Of Using A Golf Rangefinder

Best golf rangefinders are perfect companions for you on the golf field.  By using one, you would be able to save a lot of time making a shot whereas many years ago it would take you a lot of energy and skill in order to measure the distance from you to a targeted location. However, there are many disadvantages of using a golf rangefinder. So if you haven’t bought one, here is why:


You have to pay a lot for it

Golf is a sport that requires a lot of dedication from a player. It means that you would be spending a lot in buying your tools such as the clubs and your clothes. In fact, spend your money that much on a rangefinder is really not necessary. You could have spent that money on a club or a club fitting that would improve how you make your shots.

Having a rangefinder doesn’t mean that you would be able to deliver your phone where you want it to. This is the biggest difference between a pro and an amateur player. So before buying a golf rangefinder, make sure that you have practiced long enough to be able to take the boat where you want it to.

It can make you play worse

Using a rangefinder too much will make you reliant on it. Soon enough, you won’t be able to read the field on your own anymore. So in order to maintain your sense of the field and improve your reading skills, you should stay away from a golf rangefinder. Keep in mind that even the best golf rangefinder can’t make you play better if you don’t use it to practice.

Don’t compare yourself to a professional player. The reason why they use a golf rangefinder on the field all day is that they are able to measure the distance themselves already and they need a rangefinder to speed up the games. You are on the other side of the spectrum, do you need to be able to read the field, the distance on your own first before you can actually take the ball where you want it to. It is impossible to make a shot if you don’t know how much force you should put into your shots.

It can ruin your skills

Machines are likely to be faulty. However, things are different for a human when they use that machine. There are many reasons that you can have a false result when using your golf rangefinder. Your arms can be shaky or you might have chosen a moving target so that your rangefinder is unable to catch the target. The weather can also affect the accuracy of your range finder so it is not advised to use your rangefinder when it rains or windy unless your rangefinder is designed to be used in such weathers.

If you continuously receive the wrong answer from your range finder you will start to believe that those answers are correct. Thus, you start to adjust your sense of the field according to that wrong answer. So later when you are measuring the distance from yourself to the Target at the correct distance is 100 yard, you would think that it is 90 yards because you have been using a bad rangefinder all the time.

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