Golf’s Hidden Rules

Are you sure that you are clear all about rules when playing golf? Have you ever heard of unofficial rules which are not written and you can not find them from a book? In fact, there are some rules set before among golf community that new golfers should be aware of. Below are some of them.


  1. Please keep silent. Golf requires much concentration because golfers need to determine many factors such as wind directions, targeted points, and their movements to get the best shots. Your voices talking to others or answering phone calls could sometimes affect their focus and then have bad influence on their performance.
  2. Keep the golf courses in good condition. When you find the courses in bad situation like the hole marks out of position or the bunker areas with many footprints, do not be irresponsible even you have made them or others. Do not have such thought as “Caddies or club members would do later” or “I did not make them, why do I?”. Golf is a game for many people, if you do not keep the courses in good situation, others would find annoying when their performance could be worse because of footprints, for example. Think about others and try to keep the golf courses in good condition.
  3. Don’t use the best golf rangefinder in the tournament. As you know, golf rangefinder is a very useful device which can help you calculate the tactics for every golf games. However, you are only allowed to use this great gadget in the practice area. In the tournament, you won’t have any chances to bring it.
  4. Be careful with your balls. We are all aware that the golf course is not for only you or your team, but others. When playing, you should take a look at others team nearby so that you will not hit your balls to that area. Or when you are walking to the next holes, be considerate to be far away from hitting area
  5. Be careful with your location. If you would like to observe and learn new things from professional golfers, you tend to stand right behind them or be close to them. However, this should avoided because it can make golf hitters less concentrated or sometimes your locations can hide their visions.
  6. Have sport spirit. Playing golf or any other kinds of sports, we should have such spirit. We play golf for our health, our enjoyment and widening our social network, but not for wins or defeats. Do not treat by making your rival teams distracted, which leads to their performance bad. There is no official rules for this, but if you want to get involved in golf, be aware of this rule
  7. Keep the golf flag. It is really kind of you if you can help others to keep the golf flag when they are about to perform a putt shot. The putters would highly appreciate your kindness because they need as a clear vision as possible when putting golf. Obviously, your action helps them a lot.

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