How Does Kegerator Work And What Can Be Dispensed In It?

A kegerator is similar to a refrigerator. The difference is that a kegerator is used to stored beer kegs or wine kegs while the refrigerator can store many things. A kegerator should be smaller in size compared to a refrigerator.

A kegerator uses pressurized CO2 to keep the drink fresh. It needs to be plugged in to a power outlet. The electricity must be compatible so that the kegerator can function properly and keep the drink fresh. The best kegerators are those which can keep your beer cold and fresh in a long period of time.home-kegerators

There are three main parts of a kegerator: the tank, CO2 tank and gauge and the faucet. After the keg has been dispensed into the tank, it will then be connected with the hoses. There are two hoses: beer hoses (connects the keg with the faucet) and COfaucet (connect CO2 tank with the keg). When chilled enough, the beer can be obtained through the faucet. A kegerator will provide you with fresh and cold beer. Perfect after any long day.

What can be stored?

As kegs come in many different sizes, there are many different sizes of kegerators also. There are basically five types of kegs: mini keg, slim quarter barrel, quarter barrel and half barrel. Below are the approximate size and weight of the kegs (depending on the manufacturers)

Mini keg: 5 liter, 10 inches tall, 6.75 inches in diameter. They should weigh about 13 pounds. These kegs are often used for a mini kegerator. Most of the time, you can find Heineken beer mini keg. This type of keg often can’t be returned for cleaning and refilling. This means that they can only be recycled. They are light and portable which can be used for small parties and small meals


Slim quarter barrel keg: As its name implies, this type of keg is smaller compared to quarter barrel in diameter. It is taller than a quarter barrel so it holds the same amount of beer, though. Based on the size and shape of your kegerator, you should consider better a slim or a quarter barrel. A slim barrel would save space so that you can place two of those next to each other for a double-tap kegerator. On the other hand, you would have to stack 2 quarter barrels up as there won’t be enough space for them to stand next to each other.

Quarter barrel: They are also called “pony keg”. They have half the capacity of a standard half barrel keg. A quarter barrel should weigh about 87 pound when it’s full. It can contain 7.75 gallons.


Half barrel: This is the largest size for a beer keg. They are often used for commercial purpose. People often think about this keg when they think of a beer keg. A half barrel keg weighs about 160 pounds when it’s full. They are typically 23 inches tall and 16 inches in diameter.

These kegs should last about 3 months in your kegerator or up to 6 months if they have been pasteurized.

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