How Many Types Of Kegerator Are There?

There are basically four types of kegerators: from mini kegerators to a full-size outdoor kegerator. Each type of kegerator is compatible for different situation and purpose. By looking at each of these types, you should have an answer for yourself.


Mini kegerators

They are basically mini beer dispensers. They can contain a mini keg of five liters. They are small in sized that they can be placed almost anywhere in your house. This type of kegerator is best for you if you are the only drinker in your family. If everyone rarely drinks, this kegerator can also be used.

Drinking beer straight from a can or bottle doesn’t give you the taste of freshness like drinking from a keg. This mini kegerator wouldn’t consume a lot of energy but it can mean a lot to you if you are a fan of fresh beer.

Also, you wouldn’t have to worry about the problem of your drink getting spoiled. If you drink a glass every day, you would consume a keg in less than two weeks. A keg can last for up to three months after it has been unsealed. Pasteurized beer can last even longer.

The disadvantage of this kegerator is also its size. You need to wait for a keg to be completely empty to dispense another keg. This means that you have to wait for an hour more or so for the new keg to chill.

Full-size home kegerators

This is the best kegerator for parties and family gatherings. If there are many drinkers living with you, you should definitely go for this kegerator. Having one sitting in your living room can make your house become a friendlier place in the eyes of your friends. We don’t usually have a glass of cold fresh beer when we visit someone.

This type of kegerator can contain a full-size keg (half barrel keg). They are free-standing kegerators. Despite from being able to store a half barrel keg, it is recommended that you buy two quarter barrels. You can stack them up and put them in or you can place one next to another.

Although you would have to pay more, this will make the transportation job easier. In addition, you wouldn’t have to wait for the new keg to chill down after you have finished the first keg. This kegerator can also be upgraded into a double-tap kegerator. This means that you can drink two different types of beer from two different kegs. This will definitely sprinkle your party.

Commercial kegerators

This type of kegerators is used in bars and pubs for commercial purposes. They are constructed to meet commercial quality standards. They have several taps and can contain several half barrels (full-size kegs) at once. Some of the models also have a small cabin for storing beer glasses.

Outdoor kegerators

Similar to commercial kegerators, these kegerators are often used for commercial purpose. However, outdoor kegerator are often made of stainless steel. They are also durable to stand against the effects of weather changes.

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