How To Build Up A Beer Kegerator?

Cool beer is always the champion of party, people love to enjoy this beverage with cube of ice, and eat delicious food such as ham, turkey and even beef. So a beer kegerator is a perfect equipment that you should purchase to serve cool beer for large amount of drinkers at the same time. Some kegerator looks modern, some units are very classical but they are also beautiful things to decorate your home bar, garden party.

Moreover, a kegerator provide wonderful commercial benefit, it is less costly than the other types of drinking (bottle or glasses). You can build up beer kegerator at home, in order to build up the best kegerator, please follow these steps below.


Understand your kegerator:

The first step that is foundation for you to build up a beer kegerator, There are some basic parts of a kegerator, they are CO2 tank, faucet and beer line. The CO2 tank is a dispensable part that release CO2 to maintain necessary pressure level, a tubing help to bring gas flow into keg space. These items are really necessary to create balance between outside and inside space, to ensure that your beer is always in cool condition with perfect flavour.


You should achieve the suitable component and kegerator parts. It totally depend on the type of beer, size and number of keg, amount of people in your party. The components and kegerator parts are listed down below:

  • A large inside space to contain kegs of beer and CO2 tank
  • CO2 gas cylinder and regulator
  • Gas and beverage line
  • Beer tap on top of kegerator
  • Sized vinyl tubing

Clean all kegerator parts:

You have to assure that all parts of kegerator are clean up well, shank, beer line, faucet and tubing. Then open the instruction, take a whole view at them to get the most specific details, more careful you are more perfect is kegerator.

Connect these parts together:

This is the most important step, insert the shank and beer faucet. Then place the beer line at the right place, you need to note that both gas and beer lines have to be equipped carefully and fix each other, and avoid leakage. Perfect combination of parts will help you to build up good kegerator to provide cool beer during the party.

Some small tips for you:

There are some useful tips for you to create a perfect kegerator and reduce problems as much as possible. You should take a looks at these tips listed down below:

  • You have to make sure that the CO2 tank is empty and filled with gas before you place it into kegerator. More than that, the tank must be completely shut off for total safety.
  • After beer lines and gas lines are connected to keg, all connections must be perfect and tap is closed tightly.
  • Check the wheels carefully, you need to assure that there is no shaking when beer kegerator is transformed from place to place, if not, you may get foam beer.

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