How To Defrost Your Kegerator

A thick layer of ice could be built up in your kegerator after being used for a long time. This results in more energy used for the chilling which makes you pay more on your electricity bills. Additionally, ice makes it harder to replace your keg and sometimes, it can cause obstructions in the beer hose.

So it is important to defrost your kegerator often. Here are the things you need to do to:


  • First, you need to unplug your kegerator and remove the keg. Make sure that you place it somewhere outside so that when the ice melts, it won’t stain your floor. Some models will have a drainage hose, which leads water through the hose, you just need to simply put it in a bucket on the other end.
  • There are a few defrost methods for you to choose, you can either:
  • Wait for the ice to completely melt naturally. Putting your kegerator somewhere sunny will encourage the defrost process and moreover, push away the smell of and old “refrigerator”. The sunlight is also useful as it will help you to kill germs living in the kegerator.


  • Or you can use a blower to defrost your kegerator quickly. Just make sure that the cords and electricity source don’t make contact with water. It is best to keep your blower in a high-temp mode and keep some distance with the ice to prevent water from dropping into your blower.
  • Additionally, you can put a fan against the kegerator to encourage air circulation. This may result in quicker defrosting process.
  • Another way to do this is that you put a bowl of boiling water inside the belly of your kegerator and close the door. Steaming will help you to loosen the ice without having to do anything. This method should take up around 25 minutes.


  • During the defrost process, you can wear a pair of gloves and use your hands to speed up the process by removing the ice. This will allow you to do things much quicker. Remember to only use your hands. If the ice couldn’t be removed with hand, simply wait a little longer. Many people make mistake by using a knife or a hammer which will heavily damage your kegerator’s systems and can cause gas leak which is very hazardous for the users.
  • After all the ice is melted, use a piece of cloth or some microfiber clothes to wipe and absorb water all over your kegerator. Without this step, you have just wasted your time as the old water will turn into ice again if you plug it in.
  • You should use this time to clean your kegerator also. Keep in mind that, the best kegerators are the clean ones. A rusty kegerator with no cleaning can smell terribly and it can reduce the life span of your beer not to mention the taste of the beer will be mixed up with the old favors.



  • Wait for your kegerator to completely dry out before plugging it back in. You should also use this opportunity to scan for any product defect and malfunction.

It is recommended that you carry out the defrosting and cleaning often, especially when you want to make the best out of your cold drinks.

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