How To Enjoy Beer?

We love to have outdoor activities with beloved ones, such as camping, travel, sport and especially party. Cool beverage will bring wonderful taste to your party, such as wine, cocktail, juice and even cool beer. There are many choices for your celebration, but beer is always the most popular option, champion of beverage in all most occasions.

People enjoy beer in many different ways, drink bottle by bottle, glass by glass, barrel and kegerator. But how to enjoy beer perfectly? It is artsy way. The tips below will help you to experience happy moments with fresh beer, especially when you purchase the best kegerator at home


1. Collect knowledge of main ingredients of beer:

You should learn about the history of original beer, how to produce beer? What are main ingredients? It depends on each country culture, for example, in Germany, people prefer fresh beer to beer in cans. Beer usually includes wheat, rice, rye, maize and oats. For more details of beer ingredients, you can take a looks at knowledge below:

  • Malt is one of special ingredients of fresh beer, it comes on market with many different types of flavor, such as honey malt, biscuit malt and toasted malt. You can find the ingredients easily at many food store or market.
  • The other tasty ingredient is hop, hop also includes many flavor, such as herbal, pine, mint, citrus and spicy. Hop is really famous for its variety, so it is definitely a usual part of beer that is loved and chosen by many drinker.
  • Beside malt and hop, beer has the other flavor like fruit, such as apple, peach, strawberry or cherry, and herb or spicy ones include cinnamon, ginger, chili. Honey is also used to gain beer flavor, however, hop is always the most preferable flavor in all most occasions.
  • Though beer processing, you can add a little bit sugar to create special sweet flavor beer. It also increase ferment, to say frankly, instead of spending about 2 weeks to create delicious beer, it just takes 5-8 days making perfect flavor of fresh beer.

2. Styles of beer:

Drinking beer is not only a hobby but also a life style, there are four main types of beer with unique flavor, ingredients and drinking method, they are Ales, wheat beer, Lambic and Lager. You can know more about these types, details of them are listed down very clearly below:

  • Ales , stout and porter (English style): That type of beer bring you special fruities flavor, such as apple, peach, strawberry and so weird butterscotch flavor. Some drinkers prefer sweet chocolate taste, these beer flavor often joined in England or Scotland celebration.
  • Wheat beer, this flavor is one of traditional ones that is so popular in German and the other European countries. Wheat is handled and fermented for 2-3 weeks, after long procession, you can enjoy unique wheat beer flavor.
  • Lager, the flavor of lager is similar to usual tastes, such as caramel, fresh bread and cookies. Big barrels of lager is always the most attractive units!

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