How To Fill Out A Golf Scorecard

In professional golf, that filling out a scorecard improperly can lead to a disqualification for a player, but there will be no more worry for the average golfer nowadays. Actually, there is no any fixed rules about filling out a golf scorecard, a player should concentrate on the card after finishing a round and know what went wrong or right on that course.

golf score card

Proper ways to write a scorecard


Your name must be placed appropriately on the card. Typically, a scorecard has all the hole numbers running across the top with the corresponding column to each hole, which helps tell the golfer how far from each set of tees to the middle of the green on every hole. There is another column telling the golfer what the par is for each hole and the handicap of the hole. The open boxes for your score will be underneath that information, with the left side writing the player’s name.

Check Which Device You Can Bring

If you have golf support device such as best golf rangefinder or  GPS golf watch. You should check in your score card whether this device is allowed to bring to the match.

Numbers of strokes

Also you need to carefully trace the number of strokes required to complete a hole. After finishing a hole, you proceed to the next tee box and then fill out your score in the column matching with the hole you just finished. Prevent from writing your score while still in the vicinity of the green so that you cannot stand against other players waiting to hit to that green.


If you used less par for a hole, you should circle that score and draw a square for the hole that you used more par to complete. For instance, if you finished a par 5 hole with a 4, you would circle that number; reversely, a 6 on a par 5 hole would need a square drawn around it. This will let you to quickly know where you did well and where you were harder to overcome. You can also draw two squares for a double bogey (needed 7 par to complete a 5 par hole) etc.

Numbers of Putt Lines

Besides, you should write down the number of putts required to score once you were on the green. There is always more space on a scorecard for any extra statistics like this number. Keeping count of your putt lines can help you make improvement in the facet of your game

Other important categories

Other columns can be used to show other crucial classifications. You may effectively use a column to write down whether you already hit the ball in the fairway area or not. The word “Y” will stand for Yes and “N” for No.

Total scores

Your total score after nine holes has been done. There will be a room for this number. After you have completed your final nine holes on a course, write down that score in a proper box provided and then add the front nine and the back nine to get your score for the whole 18-hole course. Finally, write the date you complete the scorecard and keep all the cards to trace your progress.

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