How To Get Rid Of Old Kegrator Smell

You should have got annoyed at the smell when you open your kegerator door and no matter what you do, you don’t seem to get rid of that smell. The best kegerator is a clean and smell-free kegerator. It’s so frustrating every time you open the door and thinking about it makes you don’t want to taste the drink anymore. In this article, we will help you to apply a method to dispel that curse.
Here are the steps you need to carry out in order to get rid of your kegerator smell

clean kegerator

  1. You will need to prepare:
    Some microfiber clothes and a tooth brush

Some cleaning agent(should be specialized for cleaning electronic appliances)
A can of warm water and a box of baking soda.

  1. Turn your kegerator off and unplug it. You should take your kegerator outdoor so that I can defrost quicker without spilling water on your floor. You should apply some methods of defrost to speed up the process (For instance use a blower set on high temperature mode)
  2. Remove all the items and component inside of your kegerator.
  3. Wait for your kegerator to defrost and clean all the stains and grease with a piece microfiber clothes and cleaning agent. Make sure to clean all the parts and smaller parts that you have detached throughout. Avoid the back of your kegerator and the electricity cord.
    Dip the unreachable parts like the faucet and hoses in a bowl of warm water mixed with cleaning agent. Use your small toothbrush to clean the small components like the air filter, the hoses so that you don’t ruin them. Remember to be gentle with those parts.
    You can purchase a kegerator cleaning kit and microfiber cloths at the store.


  1. Make a mixture of baking soda and warm water. You will need half a cup of baking soda and pour it into a can of warm water. You should wear a pair of gloves while doing so as exposure to chemical substances is not good for your skin.
  2. Apply this mixture all over your kegerator by some microfiber cloth so you won’t damage the surface your of kegerator. Baking soda works very well in dissolving bad smells.
  3. Spread a box of baking soda on a baking sheet and place it inside of your kegerator to get rid of odors. After that, keep the door closed for a few hour until the smell is totally absorbed and disappear.
  4. If your cleaning agent can’t help you to get rid of some stains, a mixture of vinegar with baking soda should do the trick. Leaving a cup of vinegar in your kegeator would also help you to absorb the smell. In fact, there are many substitute for a cup of vinegar such as: oats, coffee grounds.


  1. Make sure that your kegerator is absolutely free of bad smells as well as all its components. If you locate that the smell comes from the inside of the kegerator (the system), then it is time to contact a professional electrician to help you.


Clean your kegerator often so the smells would be easier to be removed. Treat your kegerator well and it will reward you with glasses of fresh beer!

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