How To Improve Visibility When Driving Cars

Choosing the best radar detector from many reviews is not enough to have a good trip, which is the most concern of many drivers, you also need to pay attention to the other things such as improving the visibility when driving cars.

Vision is one of the most important elements to ensure safe driving ability and handle situations flexibly. However, those blinded by the rear view mirror, the view being identical, blinded by the columns A, B … as the limited visibility of the driver. So, how to overcome blind spots?

1. Causes of blindness

Car blind spot is one of the most dangerous factors that can lead to collisions or even traffic accidents. So what is the blind spot? What has caused blindness and no way to fix it? This article will share with you some information about the blind spots as well as how to limit it to help drivers be safer.

Basically, the blind zone is the space outside the vehicle is obstructed and not within the field of view of the driver. In other words, the driver cannot be observed through blind spot mirrors and looked directly. The common position is the blind spot caused by blind spot mirrors, the front blind spot, and the blind spot behind the vehicle. Blind spots often show dangerous especially when the driver control the car changing lanes, turning at intersections or parking on the beach. Meanwhile, the driver of blind spot that cannot see is the cars are running the same lane / other villages from the rear, the car is running cut through the intersection, … turn or switch lanes making becomes extremely dangerous because the driver cannot actively observe to handle the situation.

Vehicle Design Features: The most likely cause of the blind spot is by the design of the vehicle structure. Basically, the car chassis is divided into 3 columns A, B and C, 3 main columns will prop the hood and form a solid crust for vehicles.

car driving

However, also due to the appearance of these columns has created blind spots obstructs the driver’s vision. Depend on the vehicle which also appears in the blind spot angles and different distances.

Mirrors used improperly: Rearview Mirror with a powerful role to help improve vision, but many drivers do not know the advantage; even misuse causing significant limitations visibility.

Seat position of the driver: Maybe you did not notice, but the car seat properly or improperly also significantly affect a broad spectrum of blind spots. At the same time, the driver physique as big or slowly also makes a clear difference

2. How to improve vision

So, how to fix and limit blind spots or increase the visibility of the driver? The tips below will help you:

Blind point by car due to design features obscured parts of the car such as the blind by column a, column B by the blind is inevitable. So self-destructively blind spots when driving cars are skills needed by every driver.

– Sitting in the correct position on the vehicle, identify gaps blind from your location.

– Adjust expanded vision rearview mirror as follows:

  • First, head tilted to the left to touch the glass.
  • Then adjust the rearview mirror to the left until the car body almost disappears from the mirror and only see the tail.
  • Tilt your head toward the right out to the middle of the vehicle location.
  • Repeat step 2 on the right side rearview mirror.

When it appears that blind spot, in addition to the know-how to improve visibility when drivers of automobiles, driving should be combined with the audio signal, the light received will contribute significant support.

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