How To Paint Your Kegerator?

An old layer of paint on your kegerator is not what you want to see as it may lower your excitement every time you drink a glass. Moreover, it would be dangerous if the pain is peeled out accidentally as you may get electric shock. Painting your kegrator is a good way to upgrade it. You don’t need a brand new kegerator in order to taste the best of your drink, but taking care of it is already enough to make it the best kegerator for yourself.

paint kegerator

In order to apply paint on your kegerator you first need to select a painting method it should either be brush or spray. You can buy an auto sprayer or a paint brush at your local hardware store.

  • Select your favorite color and ask for paint specialized for refrigerators (kegerators).
  • Prepare:

A brush or a paint sprayer (depends on the painting methods you choose)

Gloves and a mask

A can of water

Some wet cloths to be placed under your kegerator and microfiber cloths to clean the surface.

  • After that, unplug your kegerator and leave it outside of your house. Put a piece of cloth under it so that the water and the pain won’t stain the ground. You need to detach the smaller parts like the CO2 gauge, CO2 tank, the hoses and the faucet for easier painting process. You may accidentally paint them if you don’t put them aside.
  • You need to wait until your kegerator is completely defrosted. At this point, use some microfiber cloths with the assist of specialized cleaning agent to clean the surface of your kegerator. You should remove all grease and dust on the surface. Wait about an hour so that your kegerator dry out.
  • Remove all the things that are not meant to be painted.
  • Wear a pair of gloves and mask, then start to apply the paint. You need to follow the instructions written on the side of the paint can. Stir or shake the pain well before applying it.
  • Paint carefully and steadily, you may even need to paint two to three coats to ensure that your kegerator is well painted.

It is important to let the paint to dry naturally for at least a day before using your kegerator again.

Here are a few advanced tips for you:

  • Brushing the pain takes more time but it is definitely safer as it’s harder for you to paint on the wrong place.
  • Painting your kegerator with dark colors will can make it look cleaner.
  • Never paint the back of your kegerator as they are not designed to be painted and you may even damage the parts.
  • It is recommended that you use a piece of microfiber cloth with the help of neutral cleaning agent to clean the surface of your kegerator. You don’t want to spoil the old layer of paint and scratch and damage your kegerator.
  • Take this opportunity to troubleshoot your kegerator and check for any product defect/ malfunction.

Your kegerator should look new after this whole process of painting and it can make your drinks tastier!

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