How To Troubleshot Your Kegerator

It is definitely a frustrating feeling when you get home after a long day and notice that your kegerator is not working or you glass of beer straight from the tap is somehow spoiled. In this article, we’ll go through the problems one may face while using their best kegerator.


Here are a few quick solutions to some problems you might face:

Problems Quick solutions
Kegerator not working, the light is off Check the cord to see if it is plugged to the outlet or if it is damaged.
Your drink is not cold enough Check the CO2 gauge to see if all hoses are connected. Check if there is dust or anything blocking the air filter on the back of your kegerator
Your keg is not cold enough Check for the thermostat to see if there any adjustments to be made and check throughout the kegerator’s door if it’s tightly sealed when you close it
Some water is leaking out Unplug and defrost your kegerator.  Clean the drain hose and check the surface and door for any malfunction.


Your kegerator is not working at all


This can tell you that there is a problem with the electricity source. Make sure that your house electricity is compatible for your kegerator and the cord is properly plugged in (it should not be stretched too much and no one is likely to bump into or trip on the cord). See if anything happened to the kegerator end of the cord.

If everything is still fine but your kegerator is still not working. You may want to call a professional electrician for help as the kegerator’s system might have been damaged.

In this case, it is best to unplug your kegerator and remove the beer keg and wait until it is fixed.

Your kegerator/ your drink is not cold enough


Look for the thermostat to see if someone has accidentally made any changes. If things are still the same, look for the temperature gauge inside of your kegerator and check what it displays.

Another reason that your drinks are not receiving proper chilling is that the air filter may have been dust-up or something is blocking the air filter. When installing your kegerator, you need to make sure that it has some space on its back so that the air is well-circulated.

Having low temperature is also a sign of malfunction on the door and the surface of your kegerator. In this case, you should also unplug and remove all the components and wait for help from a professional.  Removing the components will prevent them from being exposed to gas leak for example.

Your kegerator is continuously running and is making a lot of noise


Wait for a while to see if the problem is solved itself. If the situation continues and your kegerator is still making too much noise, it is time to defrost and clean the kegerator. Ice can cause obstructions to the hoses and vents, thus reduces the amount of cold air and makes your kegerator works at high capacity.


You don’t need to have the best kegerator in the world to enjoy your drink. You just need to take well care of what you have. Give it regular cleaning and maintenance and your kegerator will reward you with the freshness in every glass you drink.

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