Making A Diy Trash Can Kegerator Easily

Have you ever imagined about a concept of having a trash can which is able to be converted into a kegerator? You may find it ridiculous or somehow unbelievable but it now becomes true. You can make it work for any homebrew keg setup, even for the best kegerator at your homebar. This is the so-called Trash Can Kegerator.



The goal of this coolest invetion is to create something new and creative to serve kegged homebrew that is easy to transport and inexpensive. You may have some of the following tools and materials on hand, which will make the project even cheaper! You need to buy an at least 32-gallon plastic trash can, one stained piece of scrap wood, some beer lines belonging to your demand, keg shanks, tools to connect and beer taps. You can use a mountable bottle opener as an optional tool.

The entire process of building the trash can kegerator may take you at least two hours to complete. Basically, a piece of wood is mounted on the front of the plastic trash can, which will hold the mounted keg faucets. The keg is set up inside the trash can, along with the CO2 tank, and ice is added to keep everything cool. And that’s it! You are totally done!

Here are the detailed step-by-step guideline for you to make it easier and more convenient:

Step 1. Ensure the piece of wood being used is the size you want to be on the front of the trash can. Cut it to size, if necessary. Stain wood if desired.

Step 2. Using the appropriate sized drill bit, drill holes through the wood piece where the keg shanks will be mounted.

Step 3. Using the piece of wood that has been drilled as a guide, mark where the holes should be drilled on the trash can. Drill holes through the trash can.

Step 4. Fit the shanks through the wood and trash can. No glue or mounting of the wood is necessary since the washer of the shanks will hold everything secure.

Step 5. Optional: add a mountable bottle opener onto the piece of wood.

Step 6. Hook up all the beer and gas lines. Make adjustments to prevent foaming, if necessary.

Step 7. Place the keg in the trash can and surround with ice.

Step 8. Pull the faucet and everything is DONE.

So, you are ready for trying the coolest DIY stuff ever! You can now enjoy delicious flow of beer come from your DIY trash can kegerator! This is totally the best kegerator you have ever made!

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