How To Select A Golf Rangefinder?

Golf rangefinders are a helpful tool that can help you a lot in your golf games. In fact, rangefinders have been used by many professional players to speed up their game and make their shots more accurate. Although it has been received many criticisms because it tends to make the game unfair for some people, rangefinders are still becoming more popular among the golf players. Haven’t got a one for yourself? This small article will help you to select the best golf rangefinder for yourself.


1.    Determine your purpose

Depends on which occasion you are going to use it, you can then select the one that is suitable for yourself. For instance, if you are an amateur and is planning to buy one to practice your shots, buy a simple rangefinder that has as few function as possible. You don’t want to be overwhelmed by symbols that you can’t understand because, at the time, you just need one to tell you how far it is from where you are standing to your target. The same thing is applied when you buy a rangefinder for tournament games. Most tournaments will only allow a rangefinder if it can only measure the distance and nothing else. So just for sure, you can read the tournament web page to see which particular type of rangefinder that they allow.

If you are a professional player and are planning to improve your terrain-reading ability, buy one that has many functions as you need to know the speed of the wind, the steepness of the hill, etc. to complete your shot.

2.    Buy a light and small one

Many people later regret because they bought a laser rangefinder that looks like a tank. There is absolutely no reason to buy an over-sized rangefinder unless you want it to take up all the space you have. You know how important it is to bring as few object as possible when you play golf. You need to feel relaxed, free and unconstructed to make a good shot. Carrying heavy objects all around can make you lose your breath easier and faster. It also takes you more time to use a heavy rangefinder compared to a normal one.

Rangefinders that are big in size have more functions and their battery lasts longer. But if you are able to charge your rangefinder the night before, there is no need to bring a large one as a golf game should last maximum 6 hours.

3.    But it should still be able to work at least 1000 yards

When speaks about functionality, not matter how big or how modern or how well-designed your rangefinder is, it would be not very useful if unable to work for a long distance. One of the priorities that you should consider when buying your rangefinder is how long it is able to work. If it can still function at a range of more than 1000 yard, it can basically cover all of the holes nowadays.

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