Some Basic Kegerator Parts

You should purchase a beer kegerator at home as you love to enjoy life with party style, with tasty food and beverage (cool beer, wine, cocktail). There are many ways to bring beer, but the most modern and wonderful way is kegerator, it can provide large amount of beer for many people in event or party. You need to estimate how many people join in, in order to pick up the best kegerator, from mini unit to dual-kegerator.

Your kegerator is a nice equipment that is the combination of distinctive parts, to know more about these parts, you can take a look at specific details below.


Regulator and CO2 tank:

The CO2 tank is one of the most important parts, it contribute to maintain beer in cool condition for long time use (average period is from 30 to 45 days). More than that, CO2 also decide the taste of beer, sweet or bitter, the more CO2 gas line released, the more bubbles flow into beer. One basic rule for you, as you want to enjoy sweet beer, you should open van of CO2 tank.

According to size and type of kegerator (mini kegerator, large dual-kegerator), you can pick up suitable CO2 tank. Some recommendations for you, such as 2 pounds kegerator, 10 pounds kegerator and even 20 pounds unit.

The beer keg:

The other part of kegerator is beer keg, it has to be suitable with CO2 tank to provide drinkers cool beer with full flavor. It has a pin lock that connected to beer lines and reach tap on top of kegerator, you need to assure that they are totally fixed each other . After beer keg and CO2 tank are equipped perfectly in kegerator, please remember to maintain balance between CO2 amount and beer lines.

Beer kegs come in market with variety of size, label and price, as you choose a good beer keg, you should determine size of kegerator, your purpose and amount of beer served. Some popular beer keg on market: home brew, sixth barrel, slim quarter, quarter barrel and half barrel.

Beer lines, shank and faucet:

Set of 3 features, such as beer lines, shank and faucet help to provide cool beer smoothly during your party. These feature are fixed together perfectly to create inside system of beer kegerator, beside that, you can see a solid tray on top of unit.

Some kegerator kits recommended for you are listed down here:

  • Kegco standard Homebrew Kegerator kit
  • Kegconnection Draft Beer Kegerator Refurbisj Kit
  • Kegco Draft Beer Tower Rebuild Kit

These sets of kit recommended above are the most popular and preferable features on market, they include faucet, beer lines and shank that suit each other. For more details and tip/tricks to use these items, you can follow them on Amazon website, with brands, labels, specific description and price. Moreover, you need to review the introduction carefully before you build a perfect beer kegerator with apart features.

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