Top 3 Laser Golf Rangefinders

Laser is a new technology that has recently been integrated into rangefinders to enhance their performance in spotting targets and measuring distances.

We set out to give you this list of three best golf rangefinders that have built-in laser feature. Let’s take a closer look! Before we begin, please note that the list is in descending order.


#3. Laser Link XL 1000

If you’re wondering why this position isn’t reserved for the GolfBuddy LR5, it’s simply because it had a competitor right on its tail. And, because it was by a very narrow margin that the LR5 took its rightful place to be the basic rangefinder over its competitors, the Laser Link XL 1000 rangefinder definitely deserves a spot in this list. Laser Link got away from their well-known pistol-shape design to feature a vertical, traditional laser rangefinder that has the standard 6 times magnification, with 1000 maximum yard range, and AccuFlag technology to zero onto the pin. It’s also fully water-resistant, which is something not so commonly seen in an entry level rangefinder at its price point. Combine its endorsed features with the fact that it fits so well in with the “budget-friendly” price range, we have a deserved winner. This model is an ideal golf rangefinder if you just got started and want something that’s cheap but no fuss, and will stand time and weather with you.

#2. Bushnell Tour Z6


As you may have expected, there’s a Bushnell in this top 3 list and according to its incredibly high Amazon review ratings, there might be no need for further explanation. This nice, mid-level rangefinder will probably never have you going back to an LCD finder again. The unit has some more fancy add-ons, including its LED Vivid Display Technology (VDT) and its half yard accuracy. Other radical things include the PinSeeker technology that comes along and works seamlessly with the “Jolt” vibrations which have contributed a lot to Bushnell’s golf rangefinders’ appeal. With 1300 maximum yard range and 450 to the flag, the Z6 has earned this spot.

#1. Bushnell Pro X7 Slope

The Bushnell Pro X7 really deserves this spot thanks to the great deal of support it got from a large number of extremely happy and satisfied Amazon reviewers. This rangefinder has all of Bushnell’s noteworthy, premium features such as the PinSeeker and Jolt technology, Slope compensation tech, VDT, E.S.P. (Extreme. Precision. Speed) technology for amazing half yard accuracy, and it’s fully waterproof. But, the two main features that differentiate the item from the rest would be its horizontal design which allows it to be integrated with its 7X magnification to get the most out of the 1760 maximum yard range. OK, you heard that right, that’s one full mile. Although it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever need that much yardage in the game, isn’t it just super awesome to have it?!

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