Top 8 Must-Have Brewing Gadgets Making Your Beer Better (Part 1)

Homebrewing is a relaxing hobby for those who are beer lovers and searching for easy ways to make cheap and delicious beer on their own. They just need some starter kits or best kegerator to help them. However, if you are obsessed with home brew beer, the act of looking for different and useful gadgets in making beer process must have taken you by storm. Below is a list of eight brewing gadgets that will all greatly assist your brew day, allowing you to have more fun, be productive and, most importantly, make the best beer possible.


  1. Immersion Wort Chiller. You may find that many high-end or professional brewers using kits equipped with wort chiller, the fact is that a majority of kits do not have one. Wort chillers are an essential piece of your brew day for a one very important reason: lowering the risk of bacterial contamination. Wort chillers work by taking an outside water source (either an indoor or outdoor faucet) and transferring cool water through a series of coils and transfers the hot water back out

Why do we have to pay money for a wort chiller? You do not need one if you already have the best kegerator. There are many wort chiller selling in the market. Thus, you can easily find an inexpensive one to buy (even cheaper to make yourself); Moreoever, this gadget is not only used for homebrewing but it can also repurpose water used for watering houseplants or refilling bird baths. One of the most important advantage is that copper wort chillers offer the best heat conductivity. However, there’re few things you have to remember if you decide to own one. Cleaning copper can be tedious and copper is quite flexible, which can result in easy denting or cracks.

  1. Auto-Siphon. Unless you want to spend hundreds of dollars on buying a pump, you will most likely use a siphon to transfer the beer to a keg or secondary vessel after primary fermentation is complete. Auto-siphon is absolutely a gift from the brewing expert who invented this wonderful gadget because it is very easy to use.  You don’t need to read the instruction carefully to know how to use it. You just simply prime the pump and watch the beer easily transfer from one vessel to another and that’s all about auto-siphone.

Auto-siphons have some main advantages. They are very easy to use; their clips can be used to free up your hands for other brew day tasks. However, you must be aware that they are not rated for higher temperatures and their scratching on the inside making sanitizing difficult.

These two wonderful gadgets may help you a lot to make every hour of brewing beer at home yourself is fun and worth-doing!

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