Top 8 Must-Have Brewing Gadgets Making Your Beer Better (Part 3)

So, in the previous part, you have already learned about some wonderful functions of two brewing gadgets: the pH Meter and the Refractometer. There’re still more cool gadgets which are highly recommended for your homebrewing in daily life. In this part, take a look at two modernly digital gadgets you must be in need of making a delicious beer as you always imagine.

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  1. Digital Timers. There’s no modern draft beer system equipped with a digital timer, even best kegerator. Your brew day is filled with many time sensitive tasks. Nowadays, thanks to the development of high technology, there are many brewing-related apps now available on iPhones and Android devices which can help you to do the job of timing.

However, there is no smart timer better and more helpful than a digital timer. It may quite handy because some models offer alarms that go off at multiple steps. This means you set one central alarm for your entire brew day. With a digital timer, you have to spend more time on taking care of your homebrewing process rather than socializing with friends or doing other tasks around the house. Multiple step timers make your brew day streamlined; A digital timer allows the user to set the timer in a place where it won’t get damaged by liquid or other brew day hazards. Last but not least, the price of a digital timer is not too much expensive.

  1. Digital Thermometer. This is another digital gadget that you need to purchase for your homebrewing job. Thermometers are something that most homebrewers already have. There are many different brewing thermometers available to you, and some are not worth buying.

However, buying a higher-end digital thermometer will pay for itself within the first year of brewing. It offers accuracy ratings that would rival most scientific thermometers at a fraction of the cost. The main reason why a professional brewer has to purchase it is that its instant temperature readings are highly accurate. Especially, some models have alarms that are set to specific temperature readings. If you are fond of applying technology to your homebrewing process, then you can skip some disadvantages of a digital thermometer to purchase one. Some may include cumbersome wires that may make temperature readings difficult to monitor with styles.

The best kegerator may give you a tasty and froasty beer instantly. But you surely have no fun since all the jobs have been done by a machine without any efforts. Brewing beer yourself would be more in favour of, and those digital gadgets introduced hopefully serve you well.

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