Top 8 Must-Have Brewing Gadgets Making Your Beer Better (Part 4)

Best kegerator cannot do the best of it without the support of kegerator tools and accessory kits. Similarly, your homebrewing process cannot be successful without necessary gadgets. So, in the previous part, you have already learned about some functions of two useful digital gadgets: the Digital Timer and the Digital Thermometer. There’re still more cool gadgets which are highly recommended for your homebrewing in daily life. In this final part, let’s get used to two “hard-to-pronounce” but really effective to every brewer.

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  1. Sparge Arm. “Do I really need a sparge arm?” It must be a frequent question that most brewers may ask. A sparge arm used for continuous sparging. This set up sits on top of a mash tun and trickles hot liquor just above the grain bed to reduce aeration during the sparge. When you make the leap from extract to all grain, your mash tun will hold a mixture of grains and hot water to create conditions where enzymes break down starches into sugars.

They all have their own set of pros and cons, and will be widely touted as the best method, depending on whom you speak with. A fly sparging method can allow you to slowly rinse the grains with hot water while gradually draining wort into the boil pot. However, you have to spend lots of time using this gadget. Continuous sparging generally takes longer than batch sparging.

  1. Wort Aeration System. The quality of a homebrew beer is based on its yeast. Healthy yeast is an critical factor in making good beer. There is one thing that homebrewers can do to make better beer, it is to properly oxygenate the wort prior to pitching the yeast. And that’s how a wort aeration system works. Invest in a wort aeration kit and you will be able to see a drastic difference between a beer made without proper oxygenation and one with it. Much like beer made by the best kegerator, beer made with the help of this wonderful gadget will definitely make you addicted.

There are some advantages when purchasing a wort aeration system. It can keep the yeast in healthier conditions and very easy to use. However, you need to purchase a separate O2 tank to use this system.

So, that’s all about 8 must-have gadgets on your homebrewing journey. How about you? What are your favorite brewing gadgets? Hopefully, those gadgets listed above can help you to become a better brewer. Happy brewing!

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