Traits Of A Successful Bar

Everyone has their own favorite bar to drink. Some people want a bar with many different drinks and low price. Some want a crowded place. Some people just want to sit and get served. Even having the best beer from the best kegerator in the world doesn’t mean that many people will enjoy drinking there. This article will point out a few good traits of a successful bar.


Setting the theme

Every bar is different and they bring different feelings to the people coming there. There are many things and set the uniqueness of a bar: from the way they decorate to the music and the drink. There are infinite possible numbers of combinations and you just basically can’t list them all out. You just follow your feeling to find out what suits you best.


Just like when you go to a karaoke club, an up-to-date playlist is essential. No one wants to go karaoke with a huge group of friends when their options are limited. The list should have songs and genre for everyone.  So the same thing is applied to a bar. There are hundreds type of beer and fresh beer. Most of the time, people will just say “two glasses of beer” and they are served with beer coming from the kegerator. So the quality of that fresh beer should be prioritized by the owner.

People are always hyped when they go to a bar with the friends and that hype can be destroyed easily if their favorite drink is run out. Therefore, it is vital to keep a menu with a wide range of drinks and make sure they will always be kept in stock, even the rarest kind of drink. It can cost a bar a lot to have a colorful menu. But in return, it is worth every penny to do so because your bar may become someone’s favorite.


Your staff is not expected to be experts and know everything about drinks, but they should know the name of the drinks and know what their customers are expecting. It’s not possible for them to memorize everything but they need to be able to locate the drink and serve quickly. Time is very important, no one wants to wait while being thirsty.

Also, they should be answer customer’s questions. Most people are on easy and open mode when they go to the bar. So being to answer questions and chat is a good way to make friends with the customers. I have a friend who always asks the staff to recommend him a drink every time he goes to a new bar. We like a friendly staff who gives us new options.


Yes, it is excusable for a bar to be crowded on the weekend. But being messy and dirty is unforgivable. Coming to a place with sticky seats and bars can really spoil the drinker’s experience, especially when the customers just want to sit and chat. For that reason, there should be a lot of employees responsible for cleaning the place.

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