Using A Mini Kegerator

Drinking is fun and relaxing especially after a long day at work. But it feels bad if you are the only drinker in your family while you only like fresh beer. Going to the pubs could be fun at some point but sometimes, you just want a cold fresh glass while sitting on your couch.

mini kegerator

You might have thought about buying a keg of beer and drink from a tap but how can you keep it cold all day. And you have to drink a lot before that keg spoils (a mini keg would begin to lose its freshness after a few days). Therefore, a kegerator seems to be your hope for some fresh drinks.

Buying a mini kegerator is really something for you to consider if you don’t want to go out but still want to drink.  A kegertor uses CO2 to pressurize your beer and keeps it freshness as well as carbonated. There are several types of kegerator for you to choose. They can be used anywhere from outdoor to a full-size indoor kegerator. But if you are the only one who drink and just want a glass a day, then a mini kegerator is the best kegerator for you.

Depends on the type and model, a mini kegerator usually costs you from $100 to $300. You may have to extra for installing a trays or buying a cleaning kit. There are basically four sizes of a beer keg.  A mini kegerator can only be used to dispense one mini keg (smallest size) at a time only. This means that you would need to wait for the new keg to chill down before you can enjoy it. It would usually take two hours depends on your kegerator’s condition.

In order to install a kegerator, you need to find a place to place your kegetaor. It is advised that you place it in your kitchen because you can accidentally spill beer and drinks around your kegerator and you wouldn’t want that to happen in your room. Make sure that your kegerator has some space on its back for air circulation (you shouldn’t place it too close to the wall). You should only buy two to three mini kegs of beer at once depends on your drinking habit. 1oC to 5oC is the best temperature for your beer so you don’t want many kegs to wait outside bcause they will eventually lose their freshness (sometimes even faster than the one being stored in your keg).

Also, you should remember to clean your keg regularly. This is the key to enhance the quality and flavor of your drinks. Buy a kegerator cleaning kit and clean your kegerator every time a keg runs out. Clean the inside of the hoses and beer tap as well as your kegerator’s tank. It’s a mini kegerator so it wouldn’t take you much time. The flavor of your previous drink can stain on the hose and the tap, thus reducing the quality of your new drink.

Enjoy every glass of cold fresh beer!

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