Usual Trouble Of Beer Kegerator System And The Best Solutions

You need to purchase a beer kegerator to enjoy beer at home whenever you want. Beside you pick up the best kegerator, you have to collect necessary knowledge about problems that often occur with beer and the best solutions.

These details below will provide you more ideas, let take a look at them!


Foamy beer:

This problem happens so usually, foamy beer may make you feel disappointed about its quality and flavor. Unlike fresh beer, your glass is filled with full of foam on the surface since beer is poured out from kegerator. The reasons are listed down below, you need to know why your beer is foamy, so let check them out:

  • The level of CO2 pressure is too high:

You should pay attention at the CO2 pressure of your beer kegerator, because suitable air pressure will provide good beer. If the pressure is over, it will create too much foam with your beer, the higher CO2 pressure the more foam it has. It is very simple, you just need to adjust the regulator in order to decrease CO2 pressure.

  • Too warm temperature:

To make good beer with full flavor and avoid foamy beer trouble, you have to set up suitable temperature, the best range is from 36 to 40 F degrees. If it is too warm, you need to adjust the temperature system and follow it regularly.

  • Dirty or broken faucet:

The other reason is broken faucet, which caused by hot weather or shaking during transformation. Please check your kegerator carefully and clean it up after each time used. Dirty faucet also cause foamy beer.

Flat beer:

It is opposite from foamy beer, there is no foam on beer surface at all. The main reason is over carbonated, if you don’t get enough experience, please get more details below:

  • The temperature is too cold:

The best range of temperature that you should set up in beer keg system is between 36 to 40 F degrees. As it is too cold, the amount of CO2 bubble will reduce and bring flat beer

  • Dirty glass:

Please don’t forget to clean up all off glasses after drinking beer, when your glass is dirty, beer is also flat without foam.

Cloudy beer:

All most drinkers will not want to drink a glass of cloudy beer, it doesn’t bring enough flavor. In order to achieve perfect beer, you should know more about the reasons and solve them.

  • The temperature is not maintained in steady condition:

You have to make sure that your beer kegerator is set up with suitable temperature before you place a keg of beer inside. It must not be too cold or too warm, especially when temperature range is over 45 F degrees, cloudy beer trouble will occur immediately.

  • Old beer:

If you store beer too long in your kegerator, it will turn into old beer. You need to check your beer carefully before pouring it out, nothing is kept in good condition forever. The longest term is 45 days, since fresh beer was transformed to your place.

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